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Top 5 Most Popular Products

Posted by Ronald Mayari on Thursday, 27 April, 2017  19:10
Mga Ka Pwedepa these are the Top 5 categories and items Sold on pwedepa.ph. These items were sold and posted during march1 to march 31, 2017. The items are available as new or pwedeng pwede or second hand or pwedepa respectively. 1. Iphones, Phone Casing and Gadgets Amongst the most viewed items are iphones, phone casings and a lot of gadgets. Based on our statistics, iphones, phone casings and gadgets are very popular and are here to stay for a very long period. Here are some that you may want http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/405-slightly-used-100-working-silver-iphone-6-16gb http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/258-black-and-white-iphone-5-16gb-gpp-complete-set-w-free-case-sim http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/384-rosegold-iphone-6s-64gb http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/237-2nd-hand-iphone-5s-gpp-unlocked http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/236-rose-gold-iphone-6s-16gb-smart-locked 2. Drilling, Coring, Wall Cutting and Construction Related Items We have a lot of post, advertisements and purchases for construction services and construction related materials. We even have services that provide drilling and dredging, Please take a look at this items. http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/68-bj-155-portable-core-drilling-machine http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/66-bj-1200-powerful-circular-concrete-wall-cutter-disc-brick-wall-saw-machine http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/267-shotcrete-and-plastering-machine-for-construction-slope-protection http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/265-dredging-services-lake-mud-removal-lake-siltation-removal-offshore-job http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/264-mini-dredger-for-sale 3. Rentals, House and Lot for Sale You might be interested with property and real estate offers and deals. We have a lot of spaces and rooms for rent as well that you might like. http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/174-lot-for-sale-town-country-marilao-bulacan http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/property-and-real-estate/product/213-276-square-meter-l-and-r-dormitory http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/83-room-for-rent-in-makati http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/158-200-square-meter-house-and-lot-for-sale http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/82-condo-for-rent-in-makati 4. Vehicles and automative. View vehicles, cars, vans, multicabs at special prices and are at a very low price. Brands available are toyota, nissan, honda and a lot more. Available as well are custom built multi cabs wherein you can choose colors and models. http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/317-2000-toyota-corolla-16-gli-at http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/179-honda-civic-lxi http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/368-white-nissan-urvan-shuttle http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/369-white-1997-toyota-camry http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/355-brand-new-extended-multi-cab-19-sitters 5. Pets and Animals We do have a lot of pets and animals as well, but mostly puppies or dogs. Honestly this guys are very cute. We added a short description just in case you want a quick peak. http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/370-female-german-shepherd-pure-breed-puppies Pure breed German shepherd puppies. Excellent quality. Sire is a double-coated GS, and female is a good quality standard pure breed GS. Date of birth 13 March. Date of release 20 April Regularly wormed and will be vaccinated at 5 weeks of age. http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/315-three-male-shih-tzu http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/253-red-apricot-purebreed-teacups-toy-poodle-with-pcci Toy Poodle Red Apricot Purebreed Pcci Ready for release Eating dogfood Active doll face Taildocked Real Teacup 2 mos http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/243-chow-chow-cream-pure-breed-female-puppy-with-med-booklet-dewormed Chow Chow Cream Purebreed,imported parents,with medical booklet dewormed compact type and no skin issues. http://www.pwedepa.ph/buy/product/172-jack-russell-terrier-jrt-puppies-for-sale Jack Russell Terrier JRT Puppies, PCCI Registered Champion Line,3 x Dewormed, 2x 5in1 Vaccine, See PCCI Registration for details, No issues There you have it mga ka Pwedepa, these are our top 5 categories and products sold on our site. Please feel free to visit us and check out the items anytime. Do not forget to practice safety and security at all times. Be sure to view our reviews and guidelines frequently. We highly advise that you check the sellers profile and page by simply clicking on their user names located just below the item name and adjacent to the sold by tag . You can also review sellers customer satisfaction score, seller reliability and buyer reviews. For more information follow us at http://www.pwedepa.ph/top-5-most-popular-products/213-top-5-most-popular-categories-and-products-from-pwedepa-ph

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